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Buy a pocket edition of 'Order of the Mass' in the Parish shop MarthaMaria. Small ones for 10 kr. and bigger ones for 15 kr.

Read Father Jude's sermon in English
Click on the flag  to go to Frederikshavns webpage. Here William translates the sermon every week. You will find the British flag in the bottom of every sermon in Danish. Click that flag and you will smile, laugh and wonder how the Gospel suddenly gets a new meaning.

The Catholic parish of Northern Jutland is geographically the biggest parish in the Diocese of Denmark. You can use this website to make a short visit in the 4 churches by looking at the photos in 'Galleri'.

If you want to contact the parish priest Father Jude Kulas or Father Mikolaj Kecik, please find further details in 'Kontakt'

Enjoy our website and do not hesitate in visiting us in person. In our church in Aalborg we have Mass in English every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at 6.pm. (except July and August)

If you have any pitures or any article that will help and suit this website, please forward it to Line Nielsen

Thank You!


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